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April 26, 2008

Friday April 25th 2008 - Day 2 of HiCy

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Or Day Two… as the oncologists are calling it.

Mel’s in relatively good spirits.

With the chemo you can bring it forward if you are tolerating it well by four hours every time. Her first dose was at 10pm on Thursday, todays was at 6pm and tomorrows will be at 2pm.

With a fair wind and good sailing she can have her fourth and final dose at 10am on Sunday which will potentially and only potentially mean she can leave the hospital on Sunday too. That would be great. A day early.

So far she has tolerated the chemotherapy as well as can be expected. She’s groggy and confused when it’s going in with some mild nausea (well controlled with meds, no vomitting yet) but then sleeps and is more perky after a few hours.

The first two days are supposed to be the easy days, it’s a cumulative effect apparently. Fingers crossed the next two days don’t hit too hard.

Her main concern is her stinkyness! She will be allowed a shower tomorrow.

I was at the hospital from 9-6 then 7-11:30, when I got back to the apartment the good news was the cable was finally switched on, the bad news was the door handle had been ‘fixed’ and locked me IN when I shut it behind me.

I only realised when I went to take Spanky out, he was on his leash running round me in excitment whilst I messed with the door handle. I stepped back and tripped over him nearly killing us both. Well, more likely him, I’d just’ve had to clean squashed pug off of my trousers.

After a 10 minutes of headbutting the door in rage the maintenance people came and released me, fortunately for him it was not the guy who had originally fixed the door who sprung me.

THEN taking Spanky across the five lane highway to the little strip of grass to do his business his slipped his collar and ran into traffic. My throat still hurts from shreiking at him to stop, fortunately he froze instantly and I could pick the fat little idiot up, that would have been great wouldn’t it - “hey love, how you feeling after you chemo? Oh, by the way i’ve brought Spanky in to see you, he’s in this tupperware bowl.”

Odd how these things get to you, over tired and a bit stressed my bottom lip was going when I couldn’t open the door.

Stupid really. I must phone back and apologise to bridgestreet (the lease company) for the way I spoke to them. When the woman answered the phone I asked her to put me straight onto whoever gets the ‘wanker’ calls. Because I most certainly was going to be a wanker. I’m not sure she understood the term wanker. She probably does now!

Mel’s blood counts are starting to drop which is the idea, more indepth update as to that later when I get the blood counts.

As an FYI to all of those unmarried couples coming to do this, your other half needs to get MEDICAL power of attorney or you won’t get any info. Fortunately I’ve got that for Mel, it’s helped. I’ve a template that I can email to anyone, all you need is two witnesses and a notary public. Email me at if you want it.

Also whilst I think on, you won’t get internet access at the hosptial, I invested in a verizon wireless broadband card for my laptop and it’s been a real boon.

Sorry for the short post, I’ll do a proper more protocol biased post later on, the old thinking bean isn’t as razor sharp as usual right now!

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes.



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  1. It’s weird being on this end of things! I read your posts and I’m right back there with Chris. Once Mel’s out of the hospital things will be a lot easier! It also sounds like she isn’t having the issues with nausea that Chris had. The nurse will let you give her a sponge bath if you want! :)

    Comment by Chenell — April 26, 2008 @ 8:36 pm

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